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Dance & Tourism

More than just the memories of a dance workshop, but an unforgettable experience that will last you a lifetime.

Our unique tailor-made Dance & Tourism programmes takes place throughout the year and are available to dance students of all ages and ability. It has been especially designed to foster the overall development of well-rounded dancers by offering students a well-balanced programme of dance education, cultural exchange, tourist activities and social interaction for students to enjoy.

Our programme covers the many aspects of dance with an emphasis on classical ballet, artistry and technique. Our classes have been especially designed to emphasise the British style and give students the unique opportunity to study with some of the finest dancers, teachers and choreographers from The Royal Ballet and around the world.

Even more than this, after classes, students will enjoy the very best selection of cultural and tourist activities in each country and have the opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle of each of these great cities in a safe, supervised and friendly environment.

This is a unique opportunity for dance students to benefit from the learning and personal growth that accompany international travel and cultural exchange by integrating with other dancers and develop long-term friendships. Students will also gain maturity and confidence by travelling abroad in a safe, supervised environment.

Students will also have the added opportunity to improve their language skills by living and socialising abroad.

Dance Tours organises these fun activities so that students may experience the unique and wonderful lifestyle each of these great countries have to offer and to ensure you take away more than just the memories of a dance workshop, but an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.

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